One sector of the Metis population depended primarily on the bison hunt for its livelihood. These Metis left their settlements every June to hunt bison. The Metis fiercely guarded their customary rights to hunt and trade freely throughout the prairies. Rallying together under the cry le commerce est libre! (freedom of trade!), the Metis effectively ended the Hudson’s Bay Company’s trade monopoly.
from Canadian Museum of Civilization website

In 1878 Harper’s Magazine carried a description of the red river cart, written by reporters who visited the territory and left a legacy of interesting information and sketches
from Metis Resource Centre

Dumont was introduced early to plains warfare when, aged 13, he took part at Grand Coteau in the defence of a Métis encampment against a large Sioux war party. Yet in 1862, with his father, he concluded a treaty between the Métis and the Sioux, and later one with the Blackfoot, that helped ensure pacification of the Canadian prairie.
from the Canadian Encyclopedia website


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