Why should you consider joining our community?

  • Cultural and Community Programming

How can I join?

Contact MNBC or Centre du Patrimoine in Manitoba they  will verify your Genealogy and then email  your verified ancestry tree to:

ATTN Lorri Membership and she  can create your MNGV Membership Card ($40 card fee applies)
MNBC Citizenship Centre du Patrimoine for Metis Ancestry
If you already hold a MNBC Citizenship Card please contact Lorri in the MNGV Office 250 380 6070 and she can assist you with your MNGV Form

Stay Connected with MNGV

If you are a community member and would like to receive updates from MNGV please ensure the office has your most current  email.  We don’t want you to miss out on community news and events.  Also if you know someone who is a community member but whom you think might not be getting out monthly updates please provide them with our email