MNGV Membership

How can I join MNGV ?

There is no longer a  Direct application to MNGV as we do NOT have a genealogist with MNGV anymore. Since February 2020 a pplicants are directed to MNBC for Geneology Verification.
The registry staff at Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) has over 100 years of combined genealogical and historical research, expertise, and skills which is available to you,  at no charge, as part of their application process! Once you have achieved Citizenship with MNBC, they will send you a letter outlining the Community Acceptance process. That letter will need to be signed by a Designate for MNGV.

MNBC Citizenship Online Application

MNBC Printable Application

See EXAMPLE of Community Acceptance Letter here

Present your Community Acceptance letter to the MNGV office and you will be given one-page Membership Registration Form, and we will immediately assign you an MNGV community number and create the MNGV card.  (40 $ card fee)
We  will then sign the letter as the Designate for MNGV and send it back to the Registrar at MNBC and they will then send you your MNBC Citizenship Card. By following these steps you will have joined both your Provincial Metis and your local, MNBC and MNGV !

RE: MNBC (Métis Nation British Columbia, Provincial)  Application
Please write the full name and MNBC Citizenship number of any relatives who  already have Citizenship with MNBC on the top of the MNBC  application.
For questions or help with the MNBC Application please call this number

*** If you already hold a MNBC Citizenship Card plese email a picture of the front and back of the MNBC card to and we will assist you with your MNGV Membership Card ($40 card fee applies) ***

If you do NOT want to join MNBC but want to join MNGV  please use this OPTION  below :
Apply to The Heritage Center Manitoba ( Centre du Patrimoine )
340, boulevard Provencher, Saint-Boniface, (Manitoba) R2H 0G7 – T(204) 233-4888
Centre du Patrimoine for Metis Ancestry
They will verify your genealogy.
Send your verified Genealogy Chart to the MNGV office with a cover letter, fill in our one-page membership registration form, pay the 40 $ card fee and then your MNGV Membership card will be created.