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Youth Leadership Training    [Contact Us]

  • Where Did We Come From, Who Are We, and Where Are We Going Youth Leadership Retreat – Level I & Level II
    Safe and supportive space for exploring and reclaiming Métis identity while providing key leadership skills for community and individual success

Aboriginal eMentoring Program [Contact eHealth Strategy Office at UBC]

Aboriginal Student Transitions Handbook and Teacher’s Resource
[Contact the Aboriginal Transition Research Project at UVIC]

Community Jigging [Contact Us]

  • The community is looking to bring in a jigging instructor for a weekend session (Fri, Sat, Sun). We are wondering if there is any interest in this? If possible, there may be required a nominal fee for the class. If enough participation is found, there is the chance of possibly continuing on a weekly basis.

Metis Nation of BC: Training Opportunities

BC Ministry of Advanced Education: Aboriginal Education

UVIC Indigenous Governance   [UVIC Website]

  • Please click here to find out more about the course IGOV 383 offered at the University of Victoria

* UVIC New Graduate Degree in Indigenous Language Revitalization

  • Application deadline January 15, begins July 3 2012
  • Contact: Kaitlyn Charlie
    Indigenous Education
    Language Programs Assistant
    University of Victoria
    phone: 250.721.7824
    fax: 250.853.3943

Camosun College: Aboriginal Education & Community Connections

  • For a list of services and programs, click here.

Simon Fraser University