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MNBC Election

Metis Nation of British Columbia is conducting an election on September 10, 2016. The election will be by mail-in ballot. If you are a registered member of MNBC and you have not received your ballot yet, please fill out the ‘Request a Mail-In Ballot Form’ and send it to the Chief Electoral Officer ASAP. Ballots need to be received by MNBC BEFORE 8 pm on September 10. All relevant information on the election can be found on their website, including candidate bios.

The following candidates have sent their information to MNGV’s office for circulation to our membership:

Dean Gladue for President – Dean Gladue Bio for President MNBC

Terry Anonson for President – Terry Anonson for President

Lissa Smith for Vice President – Lissa Smith for Vice President Backgrounder

Victoria Pruden for Provincial Women’s Chair – Victoria Pruden Candidate MWBC Chair_Backgrounder

Marlene Cox-Bishop for Provincial Women’s Chair – Marlene Cox-Bishop. Provincial Women’s Chair